Zinc – Top Health Benefits, Dosage, Deficiency & Side Effects

Zinc is a mineral and it is also called an essential trace element because Zinc is extremely important for the body and is needed only in small amounts for vital functioning of our body and ensures our well being and good health. 

It must be a part of our regular diet in appropriate amounts because our body cannot synthesize Zinc on its own and neither does our body store Zinc in the body.

Most common sources of Zinc are red meat, fish and poultry foods. Deficiency of Zinc in human body can lead to many diseases and abnormalities like difficulty and reduced ability to distinguish between taste of foods, short stature, and abnormalities in the functioning of Testes.

Types of Zinc Supplements

Sometimes our daily food requirements cannot meet the required level of Zinc in our body and in such cases, it is essential for us to take some supplements to increase the level of Zinc in our body to ensure its proper functioning. Most of the Testosterone boosters also use Zinc as their active ingredient.

Some of the most common Zinc supplements available in the market are :

  1. Zinc Gluconate

    It is one of the most commonly used and most popular Zinc Supplements all across the world. This supplement is used to treat patients having common cold and cough, nasal blockages and Lozenges.
  1. Zinc Acetate

    Zinc Acetate and Zinc Gluconate are not much different from each other and very often Zinc Acetate is added to cold lozenges. This supplement then helps in reducing the symptoms and reduces the time it takes to recover from Lozenges.
  1. Zinc Sulfate

    Zinc Sulfate is most commonly used to treat Zinc Deficiency in the human body and it also helps in treating acnes.
  1. Zinc Picolinate

    Zinc Picolinate is one of the most efficient Zinc Supplements because many researches have shown that Zinc Picolinate is absorbed more efficiently in the Human Body when compared to other Zinc supplements on the list.
  1. Zinc Orotate

    It is one of the most common Zinc supplements available in the market and it bounds itself to the Orotic Acid in the body to help in increasing the Zinc levels in the body.
  1. Zinc Citrate

    Zinc Citrate is just as efficient as Zinc Gluconate because it gets absorbed in the body just as efficiently as Zinc Gluconate but has gained immense popularity because of its appealing taste which is much less bitter than Zinc Gluconate.

Potential Benefits of Zinc Consumption

There are a lot of potential benefits which Zinc possess which is why it is called Essential Trace Element. Some of these benefits are-

  1. Helps in improving the immune system of humans

    There are many ancient natural remedies as well as many modern medicines in which Zinc is used because of its remarkable ability which boosts the immune system in Humans and helps in fighting Inflammation. Some studies have shown that consuming 80-95 mg of Zinc everyday can reduce the duration of common cold in HUmans by upto 33%.

    Zinc is also an excellent antioxidant which helps in your body to reduce inflammation and it also protects you from many chronic diseases like heart conditions, cancer and diabetes. This claim has also been backed by many researches and studies from all across the world.

  1. Helps in controlling the Blood Sugar Levels

    Zinc plays a very important role in maintaining the level of Blood Sugar in human bodies because it helps the human body to secrete Insulin. Insulin is very well known as the hormone which is responsible for transporting sugar from your blood to the tissues present in your body. Many researches have also proved that Zinc helps you become more sensitive to Insulin which helps your body maintain its insulin levels.

    Another study has also proved that Zinc is beneficial for your body in maintaining sugar levels for both long term and short term benefits. It can also help in increasing your body’s resistance to insulin which will help your body use insulin more efficiently.

  1. Helps Fight Acne

    Zinc supplements are extremely beneficial when it comes to taking care of your skin as not only it promotes skin health but it also treats common skin problems like acne and rashes. Zinc Sulphate is the most preferred Zinc Supplement for this task as it is best known to reduce symptoms of acnes.

    Zin supplements are also preferred over other medication techniques because Zinc supplements are quite cost effective and have much lesser side effects when compared to any other treatment.

  1. Improves the overall health of your heart

    Heart diseases are one of the most serious disease an individual can suffer from and it is accounted with almost 1/3rd i.e 33% of total deaths worldwide. Zinc can help you in keeping your heart in a much healthy condition because it has been studied and proved to reduce the levels of Cholestrol and Triglyceride

  1. Cure for Wilson Disease.

    Wilson Disease is an inherited disorder in which the copper levels in the body of any individual is unusually high. Zinc blocks or controls the amount of Copper absorbed by the body and it also regulated the amount of copper your body releases.
  1. Might cure Anorexia Nervosa

    Taking Zinc supplements might promote weight gain in individuals and might reduce depression symptoms in children and adults suffering from Anorexia.

  1. Heals burns

    When Zinc is mixed intraveneously or by IV with some other minerals, it might increase the rate of healing of wounds and burns in individuals.

Zinc Deficiency

There are many consequences of Zinc deficiency in humans and they include: slow and stunted growth in children, diarrhea mostly in children, slow healing of wounds and cuts, and Wilson’s disease. Zinc is used by doctors all over the world to treat these problems. Many researches have been carried out to prove that these deficiencies are caused by lack of Zinc in the body but there is yet not much scientific evidence to prove the same.


Different supplements have different percentages and amounts of Zinc in them.

Medical professionals recommend that an average adult should consume at least 15-30 grams of Zinc everyday and one should try to consume less than 40mg of Zinc unless prescribed by a doctor.

Side Effects

  • Zinc is a very safe mineral when consumed orally or is applied on your skin. But the dosage should not exceed more than 40mg a day and taking more than this might affect the amount of copper absorbed in your body which then might lead to some medical conditions.
  • However, one should never try consuming Zin by inhaling it as it might lead to a permanent loss of smell in individuals.
  • There are no notable side effects of zinc when consumed within the reccommended limits.
  • Some common side effects when you overdose on Zinc are: Nausea, Vomitting and Stomach aches.
  • Zin supplements can also interfere with antibiotics and can reduce their effectiveness.
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