ThermoFight X Review – Is It An Over Hyped Fat Burner ?

There are number of ThermoFight X reviews present over the internet. But rarely someone talks about their personal research and personal experiences about this fat loss substance.

Hence, in this article, I am going to present my personal journey in form of ThermoFight X review. Also, I have tried to include my personal hacks that I tried with the consumption.

Once you are done with this ThermoFight X review, you would be able to understand what exactly I feel about this fat loss substance.

new thermofight x man

I still remember that one of my college friend who suggested this fat loss pill. Since he mentioned that he has already consumed this one and it benefited him, I did not do much research and purchased my subscription.

With great hope and confidence I started my ThermoFight X consumption. This was because the friend who recommended me this pill was a close friend and I knew he will suggest me something that really works.

Hence, I started my journey with ThermoFight X and was expecting my weight to be reduced with proper consumption. I already started my gym schedule because I was desperate to lose the weight.

Before I move further with my personal story, let me cover some of the basics about ThermoFight X. This will help you in gaining a little more information about this fat loss product.

What Is ThermoFight X ?

According to the manufacturer, ThermoFight X is a next gen fat burner. The manufacturer claims that it is a fat burner that follows a thermogenic, ketogenic and also metabolic weight loss formulae.

Also, it according to them, it works in the reduction of fat accumulating cells. At the same time, they also target the cells that have already accumulated fat in the body.

The thermogenic process that everyone talks about is one of the main working condition here. Also, they try to create a balance in between weight management and healthy fat existence.

You can read more about thermogenic process using this link.

It Works also claim that this product works really efficiently and could help you in loosing around 31 pounds in 90 days of regular consumption.

How ThermoFight X Works ?

The working functionality of ThermoFight X is involves two process.

  • Increment in Metabolism
  • Ketosis

Let me discuss them in brief.

Increment In Metabolism

Through this process, ThermoFight X tries not to accumulate any further fat. By doing so, it makes the body cell not to store fat.

By increasing the metabolic process within the body, the temperature of the body is raised and it makes sure that all the fat is burned and stored in the form of energy.

Also, with this process, our body tends to absorb higher amount of nutrients and other essential substances from the food. All in all, this process is pretty beneficial for human body.


In ketosis, most of the energy provided to the body is in the form of fat. This happens when there is a shortage in glucose in blood sugar.

Hence, this process is also involved in the working functionality of ThermoFight X.

Ingredients Used In ThermoFight X

According to the manufacturer, the process of manufacturing involves natural ingredients.

thermoFight x

  1. Calcium

    Calcium is need by human body for a number of functions. It is suggested that a health amount of calcium is needed for the body to maintain strong bones.

    There is also a requirement of calcium for proper functioning of heart, muscles and nerves as well. At the same time, it is also required for protection against issues like cancer. Diabetes and high blood pressure.

  2. Chromium

    It is one of the main substance which promotes the metabolic rate with the human body. Though, this substance is needed in a very small quantity but it is one of the essential substance.

    It works towards the better absorption of protein, carbohydrates and other lipids. Hence, it is one of the important substance in the manufacturing process of ThermoFight X.

  3. Proprietary Green Tea Blend

    This is another essential part of ThermoFight X. It has certain green tea blend along with coffee beans extract. These are super essential for providing a higher metabolic rate to your body.

    This blend also has ample amount of bio active compounds that help in decleansing your body. Also, antioxidants are a great part of this extract.

  4. Proprietary Thermogenic Blend

    This one contains some other great natural substances which are pretty useful in maintaining the optimal level of metabolic rate.

    It also has Jalapeño pepper to go along with black pepper, ginger and a great combination of cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

My Consumption Story - ThermoFight X Review

The order was delivered at my doorstep within a week from the day when I placed the order. Since I joined the gym as well, I was really excited to see myself losing the weight that I have put on.

With the initial consumption of 2 weeks, I did not see any changes in my fat levels. That changed from the initial part of third week.

I lost close to 1.5 ponds in weight. By seeing the weighing scale I was thrilled. My mind was telling me that the pill has finally started showing some results.

To my disappointment, the same was not true. According to my gym trainer, I only lost the water that was retained in my body.

Since, I recently joined the gym hence, my body lost the extra water that was retained by the muscles. Hearing all those things, I was kind of proud of myself, that I did not need those pills to lose this 1.5 pounds.

But at the same time, I was disappointed that the pill did not help me in any case.

Anyhow, I continued with my regular dosage. Since I already ordered for a 6 months subscription, I had to finish those as well. For this very reason, I was continuing with the dosage.

At the same time, I was hitting the gym on regular basis. After a period of 6 months, I can confidently say that, this pill did not work for me at all. I did lose some pounds but that was due to my constant exercise.

But nothing close to the claims made by the ThermoFight X on their website. Also, when I called my friend who recommended me this pill, straight away disconnected my call and I never rang him back.

Hence, in totality, I lost a friend and 6 months worth subscription money on this pill which is promoted by MLM It works. From that day, I made sure that I stay away from every MLM guy.

My Dosage Schedule With ThermoFightX

When it came to dosage, I was consuming as per the instructions given on the bottle.

My gym instructor had no idea how to take this pill and what could it’s repercussions be in the long run.

Hence, I had to decide for myself. As a result I decided that I will make sure that I am consuming as per the instructions given on the bottle.

I was consuming 1 caplet two times a day. This was to be taken along with the meals. Hence, I did not deviate much and decided to stick with the recommendations.


This was one of the points that I was really afraid to of. For an initial few days in the consumption period, I was not able to sleep due to this fear.

I had a bad feeling that I might get some sort of side effects. Hence, I was pretty nervous about the same.

Post two weeks in consumption, I was kind of relieved that there were no side effects. Although, this pill never worked for me as well.

Hence, this was a total disappointment for me.

Alternate To ThermoFight X

When my subscription got over. I was still disappointed. But I made sure that I am hitting the gym on regular basis.

PhenQ Sale

This was a silver lining. Hence, I wanted to continue the same. There was one of gym buddy who was also consuming one of the fat burners. But according to him it was for a little experienced people.

Hence, I ignored the same. But once I saw his results of fat loss, I was really impressed. This time I did not jump and subscribe to the product, but did my complete research.

Post which I ordered the same. The product that I am talking about is PhenQ. I consumed this product for only a period of three months.

I was greatly satisfied with the results. For this very reason, I became a fan of this amazing fat burner.

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