Semenax Review – Shocking Truths And Your FAQs Are Answered Here

In this Semenax review, I have talked about my experience on how I used this amazing pill to impress my new girlfriend.

This was my first serious relationship, and I was really nervous because I knew we will indulge in sexual act one day or the other.

Hence, I wanted to make myself ready for that special day, so that I do not leave a first bad impression in terms of intimacy.

I discussed these issues with my friend, and he suggested that I use Semenax to improve my semen volume and it could also improve my orgasm’s intensity.


Keeping these things in my mind, I started with the consumption. I knew that this pill works, as it worked for my friend who suggested me the same.

Hence, in this Semenax review I have journaled my experience so that it may help you if you are looking for something similar. Also, I can assure you that if you read this article till the very end, you will have answer to all your doubts.

Ultimately, you would be able to decide for yourself, if you require this pill or not,  to improve your sexual health and finally the orgasm intensity.

I have also mentioned why exactly I choose this pill, although one reason was my friend’s suggestion. But I also did my research, which I have mentioned in this Semenax review.

What Is Semenax

Semenax is a capsule that could help you in increasing your semen volume and orgasm intensity. It has a clinically proven formula that could enhance your sexual experience.

This oral supplement could help you in enjoying a longer orgasm with an amazing control that you have always longed for.

You would be able to increase your semen discharge and ejaculate with a huge quantity of load for an amazing orgasm. This will surely surprise & satisfy your partner.

Also, you would be able to show off your huge orgasm in front of your partner with huge contractions as a result of which your partner will really be impressed with your performance.

The formula used in Semenax is Doctors approved formulae and it was launched a decade ago. Since then, the manufacturers have done extensive research and have been improving the formula.

For this very reason, people have a great deal of trust in Semenax. Having said that, let us understand how exactly it works.

How Semenax Works

The working principal of Semenax is only to make your sexual experience more pleasurable. Hence, it works towards delaying your orgasm.

With regular consumption of Semenax, the intensity of your orgasm usually increases two to three folds. The other improvement induced by Semenax is the increase in  volume of your semen. This makes you look like a stud in the bed.

All these changes are achieved with the help of natural ingredients that are used in the right quantity to improve your overall sexual health.

As per the manufacturer, these natural ingredients help in increasing the vesicle fluids up to 70% with regular consumption.

Also, there is an increase in the seminal plasma, which is responsible for holding your semen. There is also an increase in the Bulbourethral gland fluid, which makes your semen thicker.

As a result, the overall focus of Semenax is to improve your semen volume, thickness and intensity of your orgasm. All these are achieved with help of natural ingredients.


Ingredients Of Semenax

Full credit for the success of this amazing product goes to its all natural ingredients involved in the production.

Hence, it becomes really necessary for me to discuss them.

semenax ingredients

  1. Swedish Flower

    It stimulated the production of male sex hormone. As a result of which your overall sexual health is benefited out of it. As per the governmental study, this also helps in chronic prostatitis.

    Other properties include antioxidant defense, regulation of cell metabolism and improving the reproductive system for optimal functionality.

  2. L-Arginine HCL

    This benefits men in multiple ways. The main aspect that it takes care is of erectile dysfunction. This is achieved by improving the oxygen level in the blood.

    At the same time it enables optimal flow to your penis to maintain the erections as well. With the improvement in the nitric oxide levels, it achieves its major functionality.

  3. L-Lysine

    Its main function is to remove the stress and anxiety related issues. It also improves the calcium absorption and retention which helps in overall improvement in health.

    Since it is an amino acid, it also helps in the cell formation that cover any deficiency caused in the body.

  4. Epimedium Sagittatum

    This is also known as horny goat weed. Its main functionality of to improve the issues related to erectile dysfunction (ED) and works towards the improvement in the low sexual desire issues.

    This is also known to have increased testosterone levels in men when taken regularly. For this very reason its inclusion becomes even more important in Semenax.

  5. Butea Superba

    This is an age old Indian vine. It is used to promote sexual desire in men. Its regular consumption could review dead nerves in your body and will enable the proper blood flow in them.

    Hence, it has been added by the manufacturers of Semenax. Other functions include increasing the metabolism, promote the growth of good bacteria and removal of urinary tract issues.

  6. L-Carnitine

    This is one of the most important ingredient involved in the production of Semenax. This amino acid is responsible for increasing the sperm count and sperm health in men.

    It also happens to be increasing the energy levels with the body. This is achieved by the improvement in mitochondrial function. Also, to some extent, it is a decent fat burner.

How Semenax Helped Me

The best decision that I took for myself was to start the consumption at the earliest. As it allowed my body to settle down and make myself comfortable with the changes.

Hence, I made my body acquainted to Semenax pretty early and allowed it to absorb all the additional nutrients and vitamins to ab absorbed and get my body used to it.

This took my nervousness away and all the performance anxiety that I had.

This is because I started noticing some amazing changes in my semen quality even though, I did not have my first encounter with her as yet, but you know what I mean.

I still remember, I was in my fourth week of consumption and the moment arrived for which I was preparing myself since so long.

To sum up the experience of that day, I will say that, I was able to satisfy her to the fullest. My orgasms were really intense and my new girlfriend complimented me that, she has never seen anything like this.

She was really impressed with my sexual performance and ultimately, I was able to gain her confidence in terms of intimacy.

Benefits Of Semenax Consumption

These are some of the benefits that I received with the regular consumption of Semenax.

  1. Longer Orgasm

    This was one of the best that happened when it came to Semenax consumption. I was really satisfied, as my orgasms were really long.

    Most of the time, I was also surprised by the length of my orgasms. I guess, I have to thank the all natural ingredients that helped me reach such a level.

  2. Control Over Orgasms

    Another thing to add is that, I finally was able to control my orgasms. This was one of the satisfying things for me and for my partner as well.

    This is because, I was able to last long and always tried to satisfy my partner first and then I used to ejaculate. Regular consumption of Semenax made the pleasurable time last longer.

  3. Increased Semen Volume

    The most important change for which I started the consumption Semenax was to increase my semen volume. And Semenax was bang on target with this one.

    I am consuming Semenax to this very day and my semen volume has never decreased and I have never seen a single dry day. Hence, I am pretty happy with the results.

  4. Huge Orgasmic Contractions

    This was the fun part. I always had huge finish with amazing contractions. Sometimes my girlfriend is so amazed on how bigger contractions I receive when I am at the peak of my orgasms.

My Semenax Dosage Schedule

My dosage was always the recommended one.

Hence, I had 4 capsules each day. The only thing that I altered for myself was that, I used to take 1 capsule at a time.

As a result, I was consuming the capsules 4 times a day. This was because, I did not like to stuff my stomach up with the capsules.

And personally speaking, 4 capsules were too much for a single time dosage.

Hence, I figured that, it is beneficial for me if I split the dosage into 4.

Side Effects

When my friend recommended me Semenax, I was little hesitant in the initial phase.

As I had never tried anything of this sort till that point of time. Also, I was worried about the side effects.

Then he told me that, he has been consuming Semenax since past year or so and never faced a single side effect.

This is when my confidence saw a little boost and I decided in favor of trying this one. And thankfully, I never faced a single side effect.

I was also fairly regular to my gym schedule, hence that helped me as well.

FAQs About Semenax

Semenax is used for enhancing the semen volume, increasing the intensity of orgasm and controlling the orgasm in a better way.

A number of people report that Semenax started to work for them from the second week itself. But for me, I saw the results from the first week itself.

You may check out official website for more information.

You should always buy supplements from the authentic vendor. Hence, you may buy Semenax from their official website.

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