PhenQ Reviews – My Insane Fat Loss Journey Revealed !

You might have seen so many PhenQ Reviews all over the internet. However, it is quite rare to find a personal and genuine review highlighting all aspects of this pill.

Initially, I have also faced the similar confusion. Now after using PhenQ for months, I have decided to share my rollercoaster fat loss experience and finally write a PhenQ Review.

Why I am saying so? All the hard efforts you give to lose fat, eat less, maintain macro diet, exercise without fail and simultaneously making up your mind for following all this by heart.

We all end up having an emotional breakdown when we don’t see the desired results. These mood swings and the hard work required, demotivates you.

For most the people, this low confidence results in giving up body transforming journey and you quit your gym or exercise regimen without achieving success. Hence this indeed is a rollercoaster ride.

Why am I able to quote it so well? The answer is very simple, I myself experienced it all. I have struggled a lot to lose fat and most of the time end up crying because of all the body shaming I had to bear.

Finally, my gym instructor landed in my life like an angel. He saw me struggling hard in the gym and advised me to initially focus on vigorous fat burning using some pills.

I started looking for genuine PhenQ reviews and testimonials and most of them sounds so convincing.

In recent times, I thought of giving a try to PhenQ as I found it less pocket burning and having more positive opinions. So you should consider reading my PhenQ review.

PhenQ Review

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is one of the most widely used appetite suppressant. It is comparatively new fat cutting supplement and it managed to grab huge attention in very less time.

It has attained the status of very powerful and effective fat burning agent of all time. People started discussing about it widely. This happened because of the natural and safe composition of PhenQ.

The ingredients made it possible for people to buy PhenQ without prescription. PhenQ works awesome when clubbed with restricted diet and regular workouts.

I have personally used Phen375 in my teenage after getting suggested by my trainer and it helped me transform myself from a Fat to a fit guy. Later in my mid 30s when I started collecting those fat layers, I again consumed Phen375.

I am not sure why but Phen375 didn’t worked for me this time as it did in my teenage. I was very disappointed with myself because I know Phen375 is good and it did work for me earlier. I recommended it to so many people and everyone is happy with it so what is wrong with me?

Finally when I consulted my dietician, she explained me that Phen375 is a good appetite suppressant but tends to fail sometimes. That was really shocking for me and then she prescribed PhenQ.

Initially I was reluctant to try something new but she assured that this pill is more potent and number 1 fat cutter in current time. So, I tried PhenQ with my other body building supplements.

You wouldn’t believe but it worked, PhenQ showed positive changes in just 1 week.

PhenQ Ingredients- Safe & Natural !

The all natural and legal ingredients of PhenQ makes it different from phentermine which is a synthetic substance and is illegal to possess.

 While comparing it with other appetite suppressants, my first motive was to look for the ingredients. Finally I concluded that PhenQ have all safe composition which works effectively for weight loss.

It compromise the goodness of L-carnitine Fumarate, Nopal, Caffeine, Chromium Picolinate and Capsimax powder.

L-Carnitine PhenQ

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L carnitine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in organisms for metabolism purpose. Plants products like nuts and green vegies also have L-Carnitine. So when you consume red meat, nuts and green vegetables in your diet, it expedites the metabolism rate. This will in turn improve your fat melting process pushing fat loss.

Nopal PhenQ


Nopal Cactus is widely used in Mexico for correction of various digestive issues. It is high in fiber and hence improve the overall digestion. It is involved in this composition to make you feel full for longer and allow you to eat when required. Also it contains dietary mineral manganese, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Caffeine PhenQ


It functions in the hunger perception process for appetite suppression and allows your brain to alert you about more eating. This way you can control food cravings and promote weight loss. Consuming caffeine in the form of PhenQ will boost you with energy and will keep you energized and refreshed.

Chromium PhenQ

Chromium Picolinate

It is a compound known as nutritional supplement to promote weight loss. It interacts with insulin receptor thus improves the glucose absorption. Correct glucose utilizations will promote fat dilution.

Capsimax PhenQ

Capsimax powder

Capsimax is the extract from capsicum. Its weight loss tendency is defined by substance present in it, Capsaicin. Capsaicin gives chilies and peppers their heating effects. When you intake capsimax it gets dissolved in fat. Furthermore it improves thermogenic and metabolic process in your body.

PhenQ Super Mechanism

What makes PhenQ more effective than any other appetite suppressant? That is its 5 way working mechanism.

It function in a way similar to combined action of 5 different pills. So let’s understand how PhenQ help you achieve that other pill fails to.

Fat Burning Agent

It will help you achieve slim physique by improving your metabolism. L- Carnitine is responsible for increasing metabolism. It will help you in digesting even if you are sleeping.

Appetite Suppressant

When you consume PhenQ, your brain alerts you to eat less hence behaves as appetite suppressant. With each passing day of taking PhenQ, you will feel a control in your diet. Therefore it help you in calorie cutting.

Block Fat Generation

Most important factor of PhenQ is its ability to prevent further fat production. It do so by controlling your brain to guide your body to feel full in less food. If you eat less you will end up utilising stored fat preventing new fat collection.

Energy Booster

Natural Caffeine extract burst you with instant energy as soon you take PhenQ. You will feel fresh and powerful throughout the day. Even you are targeting weight loss, this will help you in hitting hard during workout sessions.

Improve Your Mood

All herbal and natural components will soothe your mind. Eating less, restricting your diet, food cravings and so on will leave you irritated. PhenQ will relax your mind and energized your soul and body for all challenges.

PhenQ - Side-Effects

As far as my experience is concerned, I have never felt any side effects from PhenQ. However there may be some minor to severe side-effects depending on the classification of people.

Minor Side Effects

People who are not used to consume caffeine may experience a mild but continuous headache. That should not bother you, it will go by itself in 2-3 days of continuous use.
It never occurred to me as I am a professional body builder and for this reason I have been taking black coffee for years now.

Severe Side Effects

There are no such effects but it may affect a number of people depending on the dosage they are taking or because of their medical history or current condition. Like People with below mentioned condition should refrain themselves from taking PhenQ or any other supplement without consulting medical experts.

  • People under 18 years of age
  • Pregnant Ladies
  • Women during lactation
  • People having chronic disease history
  • People above age of 60 years
  • People with any current prescribed medication

Rest the use of PhenQ is very safe and gives positive result. You just need to pay attention to the fact that any safe supplement within correct limit and duration will not harm you.

PhenQ For Sale - Buy PhenQ Online

PhenQ Sale

PhenQ is one of the most widely selling fat cutter. So you will not face any issue while buying it but you should take a notice of source from where you are buying it.

As I always advise you all that you should buy supplements from official website only. Currently, you will get this amazing offer of buy 2 get 1 free. Yes, you will get one month supply absolutely free.

I would also like to recommend you to buy PhenQ from its official website only to stay away from any online scam.

This fat burning agent will give you amazing and rapid results and will surely make your fat loss journey EASY!

My final verdict for PhenQ is a yes and I would highly recommend it to you all.

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, PhenQ do not contains Phentermine but actually contains all natural and safe ingredients. You can check out all details about PhenQ ingredients above in this article.

Well I have used both the supplements and actually both worked for me. Still I will say PhenQ is better than Phen375 as it worked for me when Phen375 failed. So finally I prefer PhenQ over Phen375 now.

It is recommended to take two tablets per day, one with breakfast and one with lunch. It is advised to do not take PhenQ after 3 PM as it contains caffeine and other energy components that can hinder your sleeping patterns.

PhenQ is an orally active supplement. You are advised to take it orally with 1st two meal of the day. It is not at all recommended to inject the composition of PhenQ like phentermine. It is a natural vegan and vegetarian supplement unlike synthetic polymer phentermine.

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