Fenugreek Extract – Benefits, Dosage & Side-Effects

Fenugreek is a type of herb which belongs to the Leguminosae (bean) family and it is very popular in Southern Asia. It is generally used as an ingredient in food and it has many health benefits too.

India is said to be one of the largest producer of Fenugreek and its cultivation is carried out the whole year with Rajasthan being accounting for the maximum output. The word “Fenugreek” is derived from the Latin word “Faenugraecum” and in India it is known as methi or methya.

The seeds of Fenugreek are generally very well grounded into powder and used for adding flavors in dishes. Fenugreek happens to be a very good source of important minerals in our body which are potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. It also contains some amount of carbohydrates (including fibers), proteins, fats and calories.

Fenugreek is a medicinal herb with a lot of health benefits. It is also used as one of the ingredients in natural testosterone boosters.  I am going to discuss about some of the important benefits that is derived from Fenugreek:

Fenugreek Benefits

  1. Control the risk of diabetes

    Fenugreek has proved itself to be very effective for people suffering from diabetes. It enhances the process of metabolism in the body. It can reduce the blood sugar level and improves the bearing capacity of blood glucose.

    As a medicine, it is also effective in lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. It helps the diabetes patients in controlling and maintaining their blood sugar level. To get the best outcome you should strictly do some kind of physical exercise and a proper diet.

  1. Stimulates testosterone production level in the body

    Testosterone is responsible for developing male sexual characteristics in men. It is also helping in other distribution of fats, production of red blood cell, increasing muscle mass.

    It is also present in women though in lower amount as compared to men, People suffering of lower level of testosterone causes infertility.  Fenugreek extract helps in increasing testosterone level in the body. Therefore, it is very helpful for those having testosterone deficiency in their body especially the old people.

  1. Reduce the pain during menstruation

    Irregular pain may develop in women during their menstrual cycle. They have found that the Fenugreek seeds help them in lowering their menstruation pain and help them in reducing frequent headaches, vomiting and tiredness.
  1. Enhances breast milk production

    Fenugreek extract is extremely beneficial for mothers with new born babies. It accelerates the production of breast milk and also improves its flow. Thus, it ultimately has a positive impact on the baby’s health and growth.
  1. Maintaining the Weight

    People have the urge to eat something every now and then. We love eating oily food and snacks regularly. This eventually increases the fats stored in our body which will be hampering our weight and health eventually. Fenugreek extract controls our appetite and reduces our natural desire of frequent food consumption.

    We will feel full and so we can intake less food in every meal and easily avoid overeating. Thus, it is very helpful in weight control and weight reduction.

  1. Anti-Inflammation

    When the process of inflammation in carried out for a longer duration of time or it reacts in the place where it is not required, it may have some negative effects in our body.

    It may cause heart related problems, DNA damages and many other serious issues. Researchers have found that Fenugreek have anti-inflammatory properties. This along with a proper diet plan will give you the best results.

  1. Good Heart Health

    Fenugreek is found to contribute towards maintaining a healthy heart. High level of bad cholesterol causes heart problems whereas good cholesterol aids the liver in absorbing the cholesterol and flushing it out from the body, thereby, lowering the risk of heart disease.

    Fenugreek helps in controlling the cholesterol level in our body along with enhancing the blood pressure level. Thus, it is very helpful for maintaining a healthy heart.

So these were the most important benefits that we can derive of Fenugreek extract. It also has other advantages like:

  1. Healing Capacity

    Fenugreek extract as an oil is being used for ages now as a healing medicine. It helps us to recover from injuries and cuts in our body better and sooner.
  1. Increases body strength

    Fenugreek extract contributes in increasing our body strength. Many natural steroids are developed using the Fenugreek extract as one of its ingredient because it helps the bodybuilders and athletes for enhancing their performance so that they can train themselves better and get impressive outcomes.
  1. Aids in hormones imbalance

    Sometimes, women may have to suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS) which stimulates the growth of male hormone in them and thereby, causing an imbalance in their hormone levels.

    This leads to serious health problems like heart related problems, diabetes, baldness and excessive body hair growth. It will also hamper women in getting pregnant. It has been found that Fenugreek extract combined with metformin helps in treating the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS).

  1. Other benefits

    Fenugreek extract help in treatment of skin problems, improves hair health and stimulates hair growth. It has antibacterial properties too which protects our body from common cold and sickness.
fenugreek benefits

These are some of the different benefits of Fenugreek extract. Researchers are still working on it. Since Fenugreek extract is a natural element people believes it to a safe for consumption. 

But people use it as a flavoring agent in food regularly or almost every. Again it is used as a medicine or supplement. This together contribute towards over intake of Fenugreek extract every day. If this continues for a longer duration, this will in turn have negative consequences inside the body.

FenuGreek Side-Effects

  1. No Hunger

    As Fenugreek extract is said to be capable of controlling our hunger, the amount of food consumption is reduced. This in turn will hamper those people who are underweight and wants to gain weight.
  1. Lower Blood Sugar Level

    Fenugreek is said to help diabetes patients by lowering the blood sugar level. However, it should be taken extreme carefulness because this along with other diabetes medicine may lower your blood sugar level more than required which will give you many problems like nausea, blurred vision, exhaustion, frequent sweating, fainting, shakiness, etc.
  1. Effect on baby

    Fenugreek is a medicinal herb that improves breast milk production and supply. But just as other types of medications, use of this for a longer period may be harmful for both mother and baby. So it is better to consult the doctor before this.
  1. Stomach Issues

    Another side effect of Fenugreek extract is it may cause Diarrhea. Too much intake of this may be responsible for distended stomach which leads to many problems like problem in digestion, malabsorption, intestinal gas and constipation.
  1. Unsafe for women at times

    It is advised that intake of Fenugreek extract in any manner should be avoided by pregnant women because it may lead to miscarriage. Also, women whose hormones are very sensitive to cancer should avoid Fenugreek at all because it may be very unsafe for them in this case.
  1. Other side effects

    Researchers have also found in their studies that excess consumption of Fenugreek may cause neurological problems too. Apart from that, it can harm our DNA and also lead to infertility. People with asthma may be allergic to fenugreek.


Fenugreek is safe but it should be taken in proper dosage only. It does have many benefits but if you are already consuming other blood thinners, you should avoid using Fenugreek extract unless told by your doctor because it has blood thinning properties too. 

Fenugreek is very bitter in taste. Therefore, apart from seeds and tablets, nowadays many companies are grounding it into powders and adding flavors to it. 

Dosage will vary from person to person and studies are still on for discovering a particular dose. It actually depends on the reason why the person wants to consume it. Therefore, before using this herbal medication you should consult your doctor first.

The Final Verdict

Fenugreek has been in use by our people for thousands of years now as a flavoring agent in foods. Some prefer to use it in preparation of salads, some add it in tea and many other food items. 

But as discussed in this article, Fenugreek consumption is directly related with your health. Studies say that not more than half tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds should be used with one cup water in you want to prepare tea. 

Diabetes patients consume maximum 100 grams of the powdered version of Fenugreek seeds once or twice a day. The dosage will differ from person to person and therefore, talking to your dietician or your doctor will be the best option to do.

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