Andro 400 Review – Read This #1 Guide To Know Why It Is Overhyped !

In this Andro 400 review, I am going to share my experience and results during the consumption cycle of this testosterone booster.

I have tried to provide in dept information about this testosterone booster in this article covering Andro 400 review. You can expect a true and unbiased write-up about the same.

Being a professional bodybuilder, I try using different substances and see my body transition through the consumption cycle of various substances.

In the same way, when I heard about this testosterone booster which is regarded as one of the oldest testosterone booster in the market. I had to try it and see what it has in store for me.

I, personally consumed this testosterone booster for around 6 months. Hence, I kind of went through with the whole roller coaster ride with this one and noticed various changes within my body.

Hence, in this Andro 400 review, I have shared each and everything about my consumption cycle.

I sincerely hope that you would be able to decide for yourself, when and if you read this Andro 400 review till the very end.

Let us start with some of the basics about this natural testosterone booster substance.

What Is Andro 400

Andro 400 is one of the oldest testosterone booster in the market. It is known for its safe and natural testosterone boosting methods.

Since, Andro 400 is made in the USA, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about its authenticity. This is absolute gem of a product when it comes to testosterone boosters.

It has been known for its great testosterone boosting abilities. As a result of which, it directly works on melting body fat, enhancing libido levels by a huge margin, boosting of energy and improving mood as well.

One of the main functionality of this amazing testosterone booster is that, it burns fat cells in order to produce energy and as a result fat cells are reduced.

Andro 400 also helps in blocking of accumulation or formation of fat cells within your body. This is all the more reason for it’s amazing success.

How Andro 400 Works

The working functionality of Andro is pretty easy to understand. It makes sure that the body starts burning the accumulated fat levels.

This is essentially taken care by unique combination of herbs and amino acids. These ingredients are well researched and tested for years, then only they have been included in the manufacturing process of Andro 400.

Also, there is a great amount of thermogenic reactions that takes place within the body. This also makes sure that the accumulated fat levels are reduced.

Metabolism rate is also accelerated with the consumption of Andro 400. This enables quick absorption of essential nutrients and conversion into energy form.

The process of boosting metabolism is also important because, it lets your body burn fat even when you are sleeping. Reduction in visceral fat is also one of the main process that takes place with the regular consumption.

This becomes all the more important because, long term inclusion of visceral could lead to life threatening medical conditions.

Lastly, with regular consumption of Andro 400, your would be able to block the storage of fat. This happens when Andro 400 blocks key enzymes that do so.

Let us now discuss some of the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing process of Andro 400

Ingredients In Andro 400

The only ingredient used in the production of Andro 400 is Eurycoma Longifolia.

It is one of the evergreen shrub which is found in south east Asia. This amazing herb is being used by men in Malaysia since ages.

They claim that the herb from tall, slender tree helps them in improving their sexual problems. According to them, it had a positive impact on their sexual abilities.

With the regular consumption of this herb their libido saw an uptrend. Their fertility issues improved and problems such as erectile dysfunction were cured.

On the other hand, there were bodybuilders who claimed that their bodybuilding capacity increased, and their workout concentration levels improved.

A number of bodybuilders who were consuming Eurycoma Longifolia also felt a rise in their testosterone levels. Hence, they were able to increase their workout stamina and endurance.

My Personal Consumption Results With Andro 400 Review

Testosterone boosters have always been a part of my daily substance consumption kitty. Hence, I decided to include Andro 400 as well for the period of next 6 months.

For the first two weeks of consumption cycle there were not many changes. But I decided to continue the regular consumption.

I am pretty regular with my gym schedule and at the same time, I take my diet and substance consumption pretty seriously. For this very reason, I was regularly consuming Andro 400 as well.

Since, I had already used a number of testosterone boosters, I was quite aware of the changes that I need to notice in my body when the adequate levels of testosterone boosters is maintained.

But sadly, I was not able to notice any changes that could be unto the mark when compared with other testosterone boosters present in the market.

Benefits From Andro 400 Consumption

These were some of the changes that I noticed in myself within the time period of 6 months of the consumption cycle.

  • Fat Loss

    One of the major change that I noticed in myself was that, it initiated the fat loss. On this font, Andro 400 was bang on.

    From the initial part of 2nd month, my fat levels saw a downward trend. I was able to notice fat loss from certain body parts. Abdomen are was most noticeable.

  • Improvement In Sexual Health

    I was pretty convinced that, since this is a natural testosterone booster, I will definitely see some improvement in the over all sexual health.

    And to my surprise, Andro 400 was not up to the mark on this front. It did induce a certain level of improvement, but definitely not what I expected.

  • Improvement In Metabolism

    When it came to improvement in metabolism rate. Andro 400 was kind of okay on that front.  But I was not highly impressed, as what manufacturer have mentioned on their website was nowhere to be seen.

  • Enhancement In Muscle Growth

    As I was in bulking phase when I was consuming this testosterone booster. Andro 400 did help in muscle growth. The muscle recovery time was drastically improved.

    The fatigue levels were low, and I was able to improve my workout on the time duration front and on the weight lifting front as well. Hence, I was satisfied with Andro 400 when it came to supporting muscle growth.

My Andro 400 Dosage Schedule

When it comes to dosage, I always stick to what official manufacturer recommends.

Hence, it was the same with this testosterone booster as well. I took 2 capsules every day from the first week till the end of 6 months.

I, personally do not remember skipping even a single day of dosage. Hence, I  took 2 capsules even on the rest days, since I wanted Andro 400 to work on my libido levels as well.

Side Effects

In my whole consumption period of six months, I did not notice any kind of side effects. I made sure that I am sticking to the diet charted out by my dietitian.

Also, I am a professional bodybuilder, hence my body is used to of interacting with different substances and making sure that they are digest properly.

To sum it up, I did not notice any kind of side effects during the consumption period of Andro 400.

Alternative To Andro 400

If you ask me, “will you go back and purchase another subscription of Andro 400 ?”

My answer to that question would be a big no. This is so because, I have tried a number of testosterone boosters and I have achieved much bigger targets of what I saw with the Andro 400 consumption.

Hence, In all probability I will not order Andro 400 again for myself. I will stick to my personal favorite Testogen.

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