YK11 Review – Is it One Of The Best SARMs ?

What Is YK11 ?


YK11 is one of the initial SARMs that was released in the market.

Within a short period of time it started making inroads into the body building and weight lifting world.

The success of YK11 was because of its high physical gaining attribute.

This was due to increase in follistation which helped in muscle building naturally.

It’s compounds stimulates protein within the body which is responsible for increase in bone density as well as increasing the muscle mass when you workout regularly.

Another property of YK11 which provides extreme benefits to the consumers is blockage of Myostatin. It is due to Myostatin which is a protein which decreases the muscle growth and disintegrates the muscles within the body.


YK11 Benefits

The process by which YK11 works is extremely wonderful and extremely helpful in natural body building process.

The target cells for YK11 are very limited and hence it hinders their working and forces them work towards over all benefit of body.

There are no potential side effects involved with YK11. As this one does not have artificial substances involved, that could harm your internal organs.

One of the best benefits involved with the consumption of YK11 is growth in the muscle. Also the muscle tissues recover quickly post workout wear and tear. 

With the intake of YK11, your body would loose a lots of salt. This process is beneficial for the body. As this leads to less water retention by muscles. Hence your muscles will look more lean.

Follistatin is increased rapidly. The reason behind is blockage of myostatin. Ultimately it leads to less muscle degeneration.

There is a increase in over all strength of the body. The weight lifting capacity of the body is increased. The blood flow through the vessels is increased ultimately your all the body parts will receive fresh oxygenated blood.

Fat loss is another advantage that YK11 has over other substances. Since it helps in building  lean muscle like a solid mass, fat reductipon comes naturally. Sweating and water loss will happen once you start hitting the gym regularly. nature.

How YK11 Works ?

Researcher has made various studies out of working of YK11. Most of them conclude that YK11 works just like DHT.

Here it to binds androgen receptors. As a result of which the levels of testosterone is not compromised.

It leads to lean muscle growth, higher libido and growth in hair and proper development in puberty.

There were some researcher which also say that YK11 is not a fully SARMs kind of material.

It has only some properties which a SARM is supposed to have.

There are only few instances where androgen receptors are activated.

On the other hand, there have been tests where researchers state that YK11 also stimulates the bone growth.

Dosage Information - YK11

A proper dosage needs to be followed when and if you are starting the consumption of YK11.

If you are a complete beginner to YK11 or even to SARMs world, then I would recommend you to start with initial dosage of 5mg/Day for a week.

Post that you may increase to 10mg/day for another two weeks.

After that you may proceed with 15mg/day for regular consumption.

If you are already a consumer of any other SARMs and wanted to start with YK11 dosage as well.

Then I would recommend you to start the first week with 10mg/day.

Post that you can shift yourself to 15mg/day alsong with other SARMs.

For all the advanced level consumers of YK11, my only advise would be follow the dosage properly along with strict workout routine.

A regular dosage of 15mg/day recommended.

Another thing that you need to take care of is that you are consuming a lots of water.

YK11 Cycle Information

For better results, choosing the best natural substance is the key.

Once you have chosen a the best substance according to yourself, then following a proper dosage and cycle is the most important step.

A YK11 cycle needs to continue for at least 4 weeks and you may extend the same up to 8 weeks. 

Anything above 8 weeks is not recommended by any gym trainer or by any physician.

YK11 Results

The results of YK11 generally starts to show from the end of first week itself.

If you are a beginner, you would need to wait for the end of two weeks to look for any noticeable results.

By following proper dosage along with strict workout routine your body will start developing muscle mass.

You would be able to see significant gains in your lean muscle accumulation.

Another change that you might notice in your body would be reduction in fat mass.

As YK11 reduces the amount of salt storing capacity within your body, there will be close to no water retention power left in the muscles.

As a result of which they will look lean and strong.


Also, YK11 works within the body to maintain the required level of hormones, you would feel increase in stamina levels along with higher weight lifting capacities.

Improved energy levels , over all high spirited nature and jolly nature are also some of the positive differences that you might notice within your self.

YK11 Side Effects

Many researchers have already carried out tests on  a very micro level. At the cell level, the researchers were not able to find even a single side effect of YK11.

Usage of natural constituents could possibly be one of the reason.

Since, the gym trainers also recommend you to drink a good amount of water, it washes away the waste material that you body will generate when during the workout in a quick and efficient manner.

This will lead to frequent cleaning of your inner organs and ultimately it will increase their vital productivity.

YK11 For Sale​

There are very few trusted sources or vendor from where you can buy YK11.

SARMS4YOU is one such vendor. My trust on SARMs For You has increased over the years because of the transparency in the product manufacturing and the usage of various ingredients.

YK11 Overview


Awesome Benefits

  • Increases Muscle Size
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Improves Mood
  • Builds Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increases Libido
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • 100% Legal


Build Massive Size
9.9/10 99%
Strength Boost
9.5/10 95%
Improve Recovery
9.9/10 99%
Natural Fat Loss
9.6/10 96%
9.9/10 99%
User's Feedback
9.8/10 98%
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