Ostarine (MK 2866) Review – Shocking Truths You Need To Know !

Do you want to build and preserve muscle during the cutting phase ? Have you taken a break from gym ? Or you are not able to hit the gym because of some reason ?


If your answers have yes in them, then I would recommend you to start the dosage cycle of Ostarine MK-2866.

During cutting phase, I was constantly loosing my lean muscle mass that I gained after years of hard work.

I never imagined that when I will start the cutting cycle, my muscle mass will start getting reduced by each passing day.

During this period, I contacted many professional body builders who were known for their lean and muscular body.

They all suggested me a regular dosage of Ostarine MK 2866 during the cutting cycle.

I did my research as well and most of them suggested that Ostarine MK 2866 preserves muscle mass. It is also used in the patients of cancer who were facing issues of muscle mass during their cancer treatment.

In this article, I am going to share my personal experience with Ostarine MK 2866. How I used it during cutting cycle to preserve my lean muscle mass. The proper dosage cycle that I followed.

I have also listed some of the less known benefits of Ostarine MK 2866 that I felt personally during the dosage cycle.

What Is Ostarine MK 2866 ?

Ostarine, is also known as Enobosarm. It is a type of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). It is a product developed and manufactured by GTx.

Ostarine is taken by professional body builders to improve the physical functionality and physical looks as well.

Another main effect of SARMs on human body is improvement in bone density without causing any issues to cardiovascular system in the body.

It is also prescribed to the patients of cachexia or wasting syndrome. This prevents further muscle loss or muscle wasting process in them.

Various studies done on SARMs promise a great amount of hope for further improvement in these supplements.

I personally have got decent results from MK-2866 in the past. However, It is also a fact that MK-2866 is not approved by FDA and is meant for research purpose only.

Therefore, I understand my responsibility as a trainer to warn my clients to consult their physician first before start consuming MK-2866.  If you don’t have a prescription then you can rather get D-Bal from its official site for fast muscle gains safely.

I have made a quick comparison of MK-2866 with D-bal below which you can refer.

Ostarine (MK-2866)D-Bal
Quick muscle gainsQuick muscle gains
Enables strength gainsEnables strength gains
May suppress testosterone levelsIt boosts testosterone levels
Ingredients are not approved by FDAIngredients are safe and natural
Meant for research purpose only.Meant for human consumption
May be toxic for the liver/kidneys if abused.It is non-toxic for the liver/kidneys
Get Ostarine from hereGet D-Bal from here


How Ostarine MK 2866 Works ?

Since Ostarine is an anabolic promoter. It binds with proteins to make them work even more. This process involves combining with androgen receptors.

Once the binding process is completed, it makes way for muscles to grown even more. Hence, the process of muscle wasting is eventually stopped.

The biggest advantage that Ostarine MK has over other substances is that, during the process of combining and muscle growth, it does not cause any type of side effects in other body parts.

This makes Ostarine MK 2866 superior to other muscle wasting drug that are prescribed by the doctors.

If you are a body builder or a gym enthusiast, Ostarine Mk 2866 will be a huge muscle booster for you. As your body will literally stop the muscle wasting process and you can easily work on your bulking procedures.

I personally used MK2866 during my cutting cycle. I was on a low carbs and high protein diet. Hence, the protein intake helped me a lot during the cutting phase as well.
ostarine mk 2886 - man

I combined Ostarine MK 2866 dosage with D-Bal for optimum results. This made the cutting cycle a huge difference. It enabled me to focus more in number of reps and heavy lifting exercises as I was on the high protein diet.

Who Should Use Ostarine MK 2866 ?

The usage of Ostarine has been evolving since it’s early days. The enhancement in the product itself is promoting to wide range usage of this substance.

It is now being used in multiple conditions. Some of them are as follows.

  • It is widely used by the body building community to prevent muscle loss and promote lean muscle gains.
  • It is also used for preventing weight loss in some of the medical conditions where people are ill.
  • Extensively used in diseases like cachexia or wasting syndrome.
  • Highly recommended substance during the cutting cycle. As it prevents loss of muscle.
  • Ostarine is also recommended to people who want to restrict androgen to estrogen conversion.
  • For fighting age related muscle loss.
  • In cases of breast cancer.
  • During loss of urinary controls.

My Personal Take On Ostarine MK 2866.

I put myself on the cutting cycle. Initially I was happy to see some weight and fat reduction in my body. I started getting leaner.

The shock hit me hard after some time when I started loosing my lean muscle mass that I built over years of hard work.

I was loosing my muscle mass day by day, with each gym session I was getting lean.

This became the cause of my sleepless night.  I contacted many experienced gym enthusiasts and physicians.

Most of them recommended me Ostarine MK 2866 straight. Since, I am a little geek. I like to do my own research before trying anything.

I am even more careful when it comes to my body building. Hence, I studied all about Ostarine.

I was surprised that the solution to my muscle loss was right in front of me and I have been loosing my sleep because of it.

I got the substance and started it on the same day. To my surprise I was able to notice changes from that very week.

My loss of muscle mass literally stopped. Over and above that I felt gains on my all the important areas. As a result I was happier and following my cutting cycle seriously.


Side Effects - Ostarine MK 2866.

As far as my consumption cycle is concerned, I did not notice a single side effect.

My cutting cycle was really strict. I personally followed a strict low carb and high protein diet.

Hence, my diet supported the Ostarine MK 2866 consumption cycle. I felt really energetic and light from within myself.

While this was my personal experience. Some of the other body builders did tell me that during their cycle of Ostarine, they felt low levels of Testosterone.

As a result, I combined my Ostarine cycle with Testo Max.  Post which I did not feel a thing that could suggest me that I had the slightest drop in my testosterone levels.

Also, I made sure that I followed a strict PCT cycle post the Ostarine Cycle.

Dosage Information - Ostarine MK 2866.

When ever I am trying something new. I personally take it slow initially.  Hence, my dosage of Ostarine cycle was only 10 mg per day for the first week.

I noticed changes within my body and there were no signs of any side effects. As a result of which I increased my dosage to 20 mg per day from the second week.

When I aggregated all the changes within my body post the second week. I was exited to see loss of fat but increase in the lean muscle mass in my body.

Hence, I increased my dosage to 30 mg from the third week. This is the same level that I continued till the end of my Ostarine dosage cycle.

Ostarine MK2866 For Sale

Choosing any substance for your consumption when it comes to body building is the most important step.

Over and above that, choosing the right vendor becomes even more essential as you do not want to take chances with the junk substances that are sold by fake vendor using the internet.

Hence, you need to make sure that you are choosing the official vendor and also checking their reviews.

  • It is recommended to consult with your physician before consumption.
  • Medical prescription is not required and gives similar results
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