Lipozene Review – This Is Why You Should Always Buy Its Alternative !

I am going to write my honest opinion in this Lipozene review.  In my early days before I was a trainer, I was over 220 pounds.

Personally speaking, I have read a lot about various best fat burners over the internet. I also found a lot of positive things written about Lipozene, hence I decided to buy Lipozene to try on my self. 

I have tried to put down all positive and negative sides of Lipozene in this Lipozene review. Also, have tried my best to keep this review as unbiased as possible. 

I have personally tested Lipozene on my self and right now I am a regular gym going guy and focus more on regular exercise and balanced diet.

I have completed my fat-loss journey after many hurdles. Therefore, I know what information you are seeking for.

The same I bring with this article, an unbiased Lipozene review sparked with my personal experience. Read on to get all your doubts clear.

What is Lipozene?

Lipozene is a popular weight loss supplement that has managed to fetch a huge part of the population towards it. The developers claim for its effectiveness and have made several promises to be fulfilled.

All thanks to a well-known ingredient in its composition called Glucomannan.But for what we actually are here is a bit different. To find its actual working and efficacy, we need to examine each aspect of it.

What are the ingredients it incorporates? Will it cause any serious health complications? Why I should choose it? These are some queries which you guys want to be answered. Isn’t it?

How Lipozene Works?

See, what I want to put here is that nothing is going to happen by chance which we call as miracles. There is no concept of miracle, trust me. Same applies to Lipozene. You are not going to observe changes within hours of intake. It does demand time and cooperation.

Although, maker’s state, you need not worry about your diet or exercise as Lipozene works without demanding any alterations in both.

But in reality, if you want to sustain the results for longer you have to make changes to your diet and workout routine. Meaning there has to have a process through which it operates.

  • It suppresses our appetite by promoting a feeling of fullness in our stomach. Glucomannan, a green fibre extracted from elephant’s Yam, does so by absorbing water to blow up and delaying the digestion of food we take, hence it remains for a longer time making us feel less hungry.
  • Glucomannan being an organic prebiotic plant extract ensures gut health by encouraging useful microbes in our gastrointestinal tract.

Also, according to a study, a diet with high fibres helps people to lose weight faster and Lipozene has high fibre content.

Lipozene Review - Does It Really Work ?

Lipozene 2

What we learnt yet makes us believe that yes, it does works. What’s say? But I want to add here, despite the fact that manufacturers claimed of Lipozene that it has the capacity to burn 78% body fat without any adjustment in your diet which I think is a bit exaggerated.

I am not denying with what they assure but what I am trying you people to get is that Lipozene is, after all, a supplement which will demand you to co-operate a little.

When I was on it, I used to take a low-calorie diet and perform physical exercises daily which I think boosted the outcomes.

Some experts say that the effects of Glucomannan (Lipozene, brand name) in our body starts fading away after 6 months if you do not pay heed to your diet and exercise.

So yes, now it must be very clear to you that accommodating this pill with proper diet and workout is very important to hold on the lean and thin body you have gained.

Benefits of Lipozene

Apart from helping out people in losing weight, Lipozene has many more benefits to be revealed. Here is what I myself observed:

  1. It aids in eliminating stomach problems. Provides relief with constipation.   
  2. Lipozene has an active ingredient called Glucomannan that solely has a number of uses. It was used by ancient people to treat diabetes, high cholesterol and prevent heart diseases.
  3. Regulates blood sugar level and blood pressure.
  4. Promotes good gut health.

How Should You Take Lipozene ?

To let a supplement benefit you, it is always important to have proper knowledge of its dosing. You will have to follow what is instructed to avoid potential harms, if any, associated.

As I always recommend, start from a smaller amount and then gradually increase it.For beginners, they can take 2 pills of 1.5 grams per day before 30 minutes of the meal.

Remember, it is not advised to take Lipozene with the meal as it would have no significance then. After two or three weeks, you can increase the dosage to 6 pills of 4.5 grams per day (divided into three parts) with the same procedure. It is strictly prohibited to increase amount further.

Who Can Use Lipozene ?

There is no written evidence regarding its suitability. They are safe to all irrespective of gender and age.

But when I read a few reviews and expected results as stated by its manufacturers, I got to know that it has a biased approach. Especially, women were at the centre of its action.

However, it is not mentioned anywhere that it is ONLY for females. Males can also use it as obesity does not recognize gender, right!

The only thing which should bother you if you are already on a medication. In that situation, it would be good if you consult a doctor before planning for it.

Ingredients of Lipozene

As we saw in the very beginning, one of the active ingredients in Lipozene is Glucomannan, a konjac plant (Amorphophallus in Latin) extract, low in calories which carry out major functions of Lipozene.

But it should be the only one to catch attention. It has other ingredients too.

Gelatin helps to keep food cravings in control to eliminate the habit of frequent eating. Also takes care of our skin and brain functions.

It aids people to cut down their abdominal body fat. It suppresses appetite and keeps us away from bad cholesterol.

Magnesium Silicate works by increasing our body’s metabolism thus enables us to burn more fats faster.

Lipozene Side-Effects

I know what this section means to you and it should be. I was also afraid somewhere concerning its effects in future.

Let me start by Manufacturer’s words: Lipozene causes no side effects except for discomfort in the stomach. This already means you can’t rely on it and manufacturer has already accepted that.

So here we go, I have gathered a few more effects which you may look for.


Aside, some people fear that Glucomannan may cause a blockage as it expands in the stomach to make us feel full. Not everyone suffers from them. It depends on how you manage to track your body on it.

Also, Lipozene boasts about its quick weight loss capabilities. However, FDA has clearly mentioned that, you should beware of the products promising miraculous weight loss.

One more thing, you are prone to these effects if you are having any medical issue or are on any medication. Patients of diabetes should also take care of it.

Should You Buy Lipozene (Pros/Cons) ?

See, I don’t want you to be like  a ‘fish in troubled water.’ Rather you should explore a little about the product you aspire for and then finalize it.

Going with mere words won’t work for you at all. But in this case, we have Lipozene which I have tried and found it to be working but with multiple side-effects as well. 

However, it has managed to be in limelight from the past few years. Thanks to their marketing team.



Lipozene FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

To be frank, whenever you plan to buy any health supplement, you should prepare yourself to face its consequences as nothing in this world is for free.
So, yes Lipozene is safe with mild side effects.

As per the manufacturers claim, Lipozene works without any change in diet or your routine. But still, it is always better to be one step ahead to ensure better results. So ensure to take low-calorie diets and perform workouts regularly.

Not really. Lipozene keeps females at its centre of the action but that doesn’t mean it is not for males for we don’t have any evidence to conclude it.

There are many online sellers and retailers who sell it at a low price but to ensure its authenticity, I would recommend you to order it from its official site where you may get discounts.

Better Alternative To Lipozene ?

Here, I will tell you what I noticed after consuming Lipozene for such a long time. Although, it works well for small weight loss things, but it is not really effective for a longer period of time.

You will not be able to sustain the fat loss journey for a longer period of time. This is due to absence of other ingredients which actually promote fat loss naturally.

Also, you need to keep in mind that Lipozene is not clinically tested. It could become really scary if by chance some unforeseen circumstance happen. It is always recommended going for clinically proven formula and focus more on natural ways to achieve your fitness goals.

Hence, if you were to take my opinion as someone who as already consumed Lipozene for a good number of months, then without a doubt, I would always suggest you that you go for PhenQ pills for appetite suppression. You can read my detailed PhenQ review here

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